Spiral Stairs For Sale


Spiral Stairs: How to build a DIY Stair with Fontanot Shop

Spiral staircase kits with DIY capability on Fontanot Shop. Everyone knows the staircase is one of the integral parts of the furnishing process and can veritably be the one factor that can pull the whole room together. So whether you’re seeking an exterior spiral staircase or one to complete your interior design, our DIY kits designed with quick and easy assembly in mind are the solution to all your spiral staircase needs.

If you are in the market to buy that perfect circular stair, it’s all waiting here in a varied selection of staircase kits. The combination of materials include steel, wood, and technopolymer, all durable and made to last.

If you’re looking for the perfect modern spiral staircase to complete your home, our prefab spiral staircases are the way to go. We offer high quality, Made in Italy circular staircases with highly competitive prices. An irresistible price and commitment to quality: we have the perfect staircase plan for you.